Sami attending a Corvallis School Board meeting in 2018

Sami attending a Corvallis School Board meeting in 2018


Oregon schools should be flagships of equitable public education that provide opportunity to all Oregonians. Our public universities should provide affordable education to those who want to pursue a college degree. Our businesses and community colleges should find partnership opportunities that strengthen apprenticeship programs in vocational and trade jobs.

I support strengthening protections to our students, regardless of immigration status, which is their constitutional right. As a union leader and board member, I advocated for these values in our local schools and in colleges and schools across the nation. I also have supported policies that protect our students’ rights regardless of their gender identity. 

Student Debt: I support programs that help public employees and entrepreneurs with their student debt as they contribute to Oregon’s economy.

Our schools should have sustainable and adequate funding regardless of the zip code or surrounding property values.